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Transcending Personal Limitations

By nature we do not like to be limited. We love freedom to be and do what we want without restrictions, because this is our natural state of being. Our limitations are within our own consciousness. They are specific frequencies that we hold in our consciousness. We have allowed them to be placed in us. Most of these were programmed into our subconscious when we were too young to know what Earth life is all about. Our social limitations have been taught to us by our participation in society. Our minds have been programmed to be self-demeaning. We have been told that we are free, because we don’t have enforcement agents watching us 24/7 (do we?). But really, the people are nearly all slaves to the dark masters. Most do not realize this yet, and very few are aware of the extent of it. This is now changing. Light is being shown into the shadows, and the dark ones are being seen for who they are for the first time. Their energy signatures are being revealed. The Shumann resonance of the Earth is rising, and it is causing destabilization of the lower frequencies of the dark force. Watch the politicians as illustration of those becoming destabilized, and they don’t know what’s happening to them, because their energy signatures are being adjusted to higher frequencies, and they’re very uncomfortable all the time. They are out of their league. The dark is disappearing.

That brings us to ourselves. If we are to expand our consciousness exponentially, we need to eliminate all of our inner limitations as we progress. We must confront all of the useless ties, the greatest fears and terrors, the entire world of low-frequency emotions and everything that holds us down. Our egos need to be loved and assured that all is well. They are losing all of the support of the subconscious blocks that were put in place to protect the egos from the threats of non-existence. Now our promise to our ego is that we will love and assist him/her in aligning with the energy signature of our higher Self, our divine eternal Being, whom we know through our heart energy. This is how total freedom is realized, and we have become responsible creators, as we play with the energies that we can encompass.

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