Transcending Personal Limitations

Whatever limitations we carry within our imagination can be transcended into a better world of personal experience. By nature we are unlimited in our imaginary abilities. We are self-aware energy centers appearing in the empirical realm as animated human bodies. As self-aware beings, we can change our energetic signature consciously. We can initiate emotions of all kinds. Professional actors are masters at this. We can weave stories into comedies, tragedies, sitcoms and more. We can create ancient dramas and future adventures. Our imaginary powers are grand.

If we decide to venture outside of what we would consider normal life, humanity’s customary spectrum of energy frequency, our imaginations will run more wildly into higher or lower energy patterns. If we choose the higher frequencies, we experience more loving and joyful encounters, and we feel lighter and more expansive. We create stories that resonate at a higher frequency. And we continue to evolve consciously and spiritually. We are more fully aligned with the true energy of our heart.

At this time normal life, as we have known it, is changing drastically. No longer can we participate in regular employment for money. The humanly-known sources of sustenance are in short supply. Governments have become irrational. Central banks are giving away enormous amounts of money to wealthy investors, while everyone else has nothing or next to nothing, and many are losing their homes. Bio-weapons are threatening the lives of many. The medical conglomerate wants to vaccinate everyone with poisonous vaccines that also contain nano chips that embed themselves into our nerve centers, so that we can be controlled remotely.

We are being asked to look beyond the normal to a new and higher source of sustenance. The nature of this source is known in our heart, but probably not in our mind. So the first thing we should do is breathe deeply in and out slowly and methodically for a minute or two. Focus only on the breath. This will calm the mind and lessen any fears. Just be here for a while. Now focus on what one may imagine is Self-awareness. This is consciousness looking at consciousness. It is the zero point of awareness. This is your creative Source. It is your divine Being, created with the consciousness of the divine Creator.

From here you can create your own abundance and sustenance. Imagine yourself living in a realm of great beauty and love among all conscious beings. You, along with everyone, enjoy great abundance in every aspect of life. Everyone is engaged in creating what they love.

If that’s too big a step for you to believe that you can create, start smaller with something like a wonderful meal for you and your family. Imagine your family enjoying the meal. Feel the joy in having the food. Imagine all the flavors and textures and aromas. Thoroughly enjoy imagining this. Then give heart-felt thanks that it is yours, and believe absolutely without any doubt that it is yours (this is probably the hard part). Declare it to be done! Then let it go and don’t think about it until it appears. It’s that easy, but you must appreciate it with gratitude and absolute faith and belief that it is yours.

Once you’ve accomplished this, try another creation. The basic rules are that it must be for the benefit of all beings involved, it must come from the Light in your heart, which you know through your intuition, and it must be something for which you want to give thanks. Make your initial creations within your ability to believe that you can do this. Once you’ve done enough of the easy creations for you to believe, push your ability to believe a bit further. Stay within what you believe is possible. This is a matter of the heart, not of the mind. The mind cannot believe, because it can be fearful. You must go into your heart energy to the realm of love and joy. Fear does not exist here.

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