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Transcending Ego-Consciousness

We are always in the presence of our highest Being. To be in joy is our natural way of feeling. It is what we feel, when we open our awareness to it and realize it. Joy is an eternal expression of life-enhancement. By intentionally feeling ourselves in joyful situations, regardless of whether they are physically threatening, we can be aware of our intuitive higher guidance in every moment.

Our ego consciousness is deeply set in our compartmentalized consciousness as humans and is negatively polarized with fear. Changing our perspective to positive is not possible for the ego. It requires a leap in consciousness that can happen with strong intent. If we can make the leap to compassion, gratitude and joy in every moment, our experiences arise in this level of energy, and life becomes miraculous to the ego.

Transcending the ego can happen by just imagining being joyful and thankful as much as possible. It means refocusing from feeling threatened by anything to being grateful for every encounter, because each is given to us as we created it with our constant creative ability in our thoughts and emotions. We live in the spectrum of vibrations that we create, and we attract situations that vibrate in resonance with us.

We can elevate our lives by intentionally imaging and feeling that we are living in loving and joyful environments within and without. By being positive and open, we can expand our awareness to more wonderful possibilities for us. As we radiate positive, high-vibratory energy, we also attract it, and our lives come into alignment with higher consciousness through our intuitive knowing.

Once we realize that we are our own personal eternal presence of awareness, unlimited in every way, we can understand our human self in the roles that we chose to play in the negative experiential realm. We desired to deepen our understanding and compassion in this realm. In our true Selves, we can be masters of the material world, able to create lives that radiate joy and love for all. We can recognize the light of the life force that flows into all conscious beings and interface with it, instead of facing egos.

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