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Training for Confronting Challenges

Because of the human condition that we have inherited over many eons, we continue to confront negative energy in our government, our society and ourselves. The lower the vibrations, the more we are stimulated to feel anger, shame, guilt and fear. We try to avoid these energies and feelings, but when we learn to anchor ourselves in positive, high vibrations, it is possible to confront the dark forces and to resolve them with love and compassion, without engaging in alignment with them.

Our experiences depend upon our perspective, which we express through the radiations of our energy signature. If we resist negative energy, we are aligning with it, and we are in the same vibratory spectrum. It does not matter on an energetic level whether we are resisting or supporting it. Resolution can happen only from a higher perspective of positive energy. The polarity must shift, and this can occur only within our own consciousness. Once we make the positive shift, and we maintain it in our perspective, we radiate love and joy and receive experiences that stimulate this level of energy.

To initiate a positive perspective in every moment is our human challenge. It can happen when we release our self-imposed limitations and open ourselves to our eternal presence of awareness. As we resolve our limiting beliefs, we open our awareness to the flood of conscious life force arising from the consciousness of the Creator, which we have been blocking by maintaining our boundaries in human consciousness.

As our awareness opens up, everything becomes more intense, with brightness and new colors and musical sounds and so much more. Beyond the confines of the energetic spectrum of humanity, we naturally have unlimited awareness of all dimensions. We live in the universal consciousness of the Creator and have infinite creative abilities with our thoughts and feelings in alignment with our heart-mind, beyond our ego consciousness.

We create our ego to operate within the energetic spectrum of the empirical world. As we expand our awareness beyond time and space, the ego becomes unnecessary and dissolves for lack of our creative life force. This enhances our personal selfhood, because we become less limited and eventually unlimited. Each of us is the Creator on whatever energetic level we choose to pay attention to. We create experiences for universal consciousness. This is the role of our persona in this life on this planet. We are absolutely free to live however we choose without impinging on the being of another.

As we become more and more positive, with more compassionate and elevating thoughts and emotions, we can recognize the light in everyone, including the parasites. They need to take light from others in order to exist, so the light is present, even though it didn’t come through the heart of their being. If we align our energy with our light, we keep our life force and continue to radiate the energy of our heart. We can draw them into resonance with our energy or let them disappear beyond our experience into a different dimension.

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