To Be the One

What is the nature of the quantum field of all potentialities? It is invisible to us and cannot be entirely perceived by our instruments or our senses. It must be known intuitively. We know of its existence through quantum physics experiments, in which the behavior and abilities of sub-atomic waves/particles have given us clear evidence of their conscious awareness and ability to interact with us. Their interactions happen instantaneously everywhere that we could detect. These are abilities impossible for us to imagine in terms of our technological knowledge and traditional physics. All interactions happen outside of time and space. They happen in the quantum field. It is a field of universal consciousness and life force with the ability to create anything and anyone. It knows everything always and everywhere. It has no boundaries and is infinite in every way. It is the expression of the Creator Being, the Source of all consciousness and life force.

Everything that exists is constantly arising from the quantum field and demising back into it, including our empirical selves. Our true Being always exists in the quantum field. We are eternally present in conscious awareness. We can manifest our presence in any way that we choose. We decided to create a compartment in our consciousness for our Earth experience, and we have believed ourselves to be encapsulated in this portion of our Being.

We have been unable to feel and know unconditional love, because of our encapsulating social training. Once we know unconditional love, we cannot have fear. It disappears, because its frequencies cannot align in resonance with love, which is the life force. Fear has no life force and needs to be created by conscious beings.

Whenever we are ready, we can awaken to our true Being. We only need to resolve all of our conscious boundaries that keep us from recognizing the feelings and vitality coming through the energy of our heart. These are all high-vibration emotions that feel wonderful and compassionate. If we stop resisting unconditional love and instead welcome it into our being, we will naturally feel our connection with our true Being.

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