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Time to Choose the Higher Timeline

Humanity is approaching the final throes of destruction and enslavement, and still so many are unaware of what is happening. Things must get worse, so that nearly everyone will realize that we are descending into very low vibrations that will keep taking our conscious life force until we die. Everything we think we are, we have created in order to experience feeling victimized, fearful and mortal. Out of curiosity in our current limited consciousness, we have been able to experience the entire spectrum of low-vibration energy patterns. We don’t need more. We don’t really like low vibration situations.

The way out of enslavement requires a change in our perspective. This is usually a process of imagination and practice, because we have to raise the vibrations of our energy signature to elevate our situation. As more of us do this, we elevate the energy signature of humanity and change the energy pattern from enslavement to freedom and sovereignty. This transformation is what we will experience as a species, because it is what we all naturally feel good about. It is our natural destiny, unless we change it with our power of choice. We had done this to get into our low-vibration situation, and now we must do it in the direction of higher frequency emotions.

We are being guided from within toward realizing our true Being. Awakening to this process is the beginning of the inward journey. We can become aware of our presence, our self-realization by being in emotional neutrality without fear or outer expectations. Realizing the nature of our presence, our being, is a result of awareness of our being beyond the physical.

It may help to know how to do this. It begins with knowing which emotions feel good. The ones that are the most desirable and inspiring are the ones to give our attention to. Imagine scenarios in which those emotions get expressed. Stay with the spectrum of high-frequency emotions of love, joy, compassion and freedom. By practicing being in high-vibration situations, we raise our energy signature’s vibrations and attract these situations into our experience. This is how we begin to awaken from our low-dimensional dream world.

Nothing here has any essence to it apart from the life force that we give it from our own being through our recognition and realization. By changing our perspective in our imagination and emotions, we begin to recognize a better world and feel that we are living in it. As we continue to practice this, eventually we believe that it is real, and we realize that it is!

Then we can keep expanding our awareness into still higher vibrations until we realize that in our Self-consciousness we are eternal, infinitely powerful creators of anything we can imagine and feel. We are true expressions of our Creator, who experiences through universal consciousness everything that we experience. In essence we are every conscious being and can be aware of the experience of everyone. This is our empathy and telepathy. We can experience it all from the perspective of the unconditional love that is the essence of our Being.

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