This Dream of Life

We are free to create and explore any experience we can imagine. Our lives in the empirical dimension were chosen for us to experience what it feels like to be separate identifiable entities, who are self-responsible for everything. Our memories of our true essence have been erased. We are here to experience everything we can imagine from the lowest vibrations of torture and pain to the highest vibrations of joy and bliss. This is our school of consciousness, and we get to choose our quality of life in every moment. The entire experience is happening within our own consciousness. Our conscious ego is also our own creation. This entire experience is like a dream that we are all dreaming together. We’re learning which frequencies of experience we enjoy the most, and which ones we don’t want any part of. We learn that we can use our emotions creatively as well as reactively. Once we change from reacting to what seems to be normal life in our personal situation, and instead perceive our situation objectively and creatively. If we understand the energy that is in play, we’ll feel the vibe of everything. Our life force flows to anything that we give our attention to, in the form of our emotional state. By perceiving with compassion every low-vibration situation, we provide the vibration of our higher Self, and this transforms all lower vibrations, resulting in wonderful experiences in our consciousness that then become physical experiences.

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