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The Victim May Become the Master

Everyone on this planet has the ability to create a wonderful life, once we awaken to our true Selves. All of the challenges we are currently facing are here to awaken us. If this is our interest, we must direct our creative power as guided by our heart energy, a place of unconditional love, joy and compassion.

Right now the need for Self-realization is so great in many places around the world, due to natural catastrophes, terrorism and warfare, that all of the charitable organizations are overwhelmed. We can understand these challenges as blessings for us, because they take our focus off of normal life distractions and place it upon our survival. This is the ultimate challenge for us to change our perspective from victimhood to awakening and learning to master our lives. In our own consciousness we can create everything we need. If we were not capable of succeeding at this, it would not be happening to us. We have great help from our angels and guides, if only we ask them for help and then go into our deepest intuition to listen for guidance and feel the love and joy flowing into our heart. This is the beginning of our transformation.

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