The Story of Our Lives

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We know about electricity, and we know about magnetism. They are both energetic waves that travel together within the quantum field in planes at right angles to each other. At the point where they cross each other they can manifest in our experience, if we recognize them. This is how we create the material world. In our own being, we have the ability to change energetic waves in the quantum field, which we dwell within, into experiences in our senses by becoming aware of them. There are infinite patterns of electromagnetic waves for us to experience, and we have the free will to choose which ones we want to recognize.

We have become accustomed to the vibrations within the spectrum of energy that humanity dwells within, but there is so much more that we are capable of knowing. Because we have compartmentalized a portion of our consciousness to be able to experience energies that we would never encounter in our true Being, we have been able to live and experience the low frequencies of fear and evil. We have done this in order to deepen our sense of compassion and love. We’ve designed this compartment of consciousness to be so entrancing and empirical that we could not escape into the higher vibrations of our true Being without a strong intention. We are being challenged to do so from within this compartmentalized awareness.

We have realized and created ourselves into our predicament, and now we must create ourselves out of it. We cannot do so by our actions. We must do it with our consciousness. If we focus upon our problems and enslavement, trying to resist and change things, we send our life force into the vibratory level that we do not want, and we just continue creating low-vibration situations for ourselves. We can resist by refusing to participate, but unless we raise our own vibrations, we are still subject to invasive, low-frequency energy.

The only real way out is to focus on the energy of the heart of our Being, symbolized by our physical heart, which embodies the unconditional love of our Creator. Our heart lives only to enliven us and give us vitality, regardless of what we do to it. This is the high-vibrational energy that we must align with in order to know our true expanded consciousness. Focusing upon the deepest love we can imagine and feel, along with personal clarity of Being, we can begin to rise in vibrational frequency and know the truth of who we are. At this level of feeling and envisioning, we rise above all low-vibrational experience and cannot be threatened, because we can know that our personal awareness is eternal, free and sovereign. We can know this by intentionally being in continuing, life-enhancing, high-vibrational feelings and thoughts that bring us great joy.

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