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The Root of Our Being

If we search for where our conscious life exists in the present moment, we will find that it’s everywhere that we have an awareness of being present. It’s throughout our body and our energetic presence. It is in every cell and sub-atomic wave/particle. And it’s in every dimension. Our consciousness is unlimited. It is the consciousness of all that exists and perhaps more. Our awareness is as great as our beliefs allow us to go, and it is potentially unlimited in alignment with the universal consciousness of the Creator. We can feel this alignment as joy and ecstasy.

One pathway to awakening to a higher realm of living, is feeling as much as possible the energetic level of joy, compassion and abundance, of being sovereign and eternal. Whatever personal limitations or fixations keep this state of being beyond our realization of it, can be resolved and released, freeing us to realize our clear presence of Being. We have an innate energetic consciousness in our personal Being, that reads our ego-conscious vibratory frequency and establishes a resonant frequency as our state of being.

Our energetic status consists of everything that each of our cells remembers about us from all previous lives. All of our unresolved negativity can be repolarized in moving from fear to love. There are great challenges in this transition, requiring strong intent at resolution of everything we have believed about ourselves. It’s all backwards and upside down, even our language.

Once we determine to be positive in the love frequency, our entire lives change, and we discover intuitive guidance in every moment. We can know and feel the energy of mastery in every situation. We can feel that we have no attachments, and we can always have an abundance in all aspects of life, if we do not limit it subconsciously or consciously.

Making our way through the emotional minefield we have inherited from our past is challenging. It might take lifetimes to resolve all the problems, but all we need to do is find our intuitive knowing, focus on it and learn to understand our inner prompting. We receive our guidance along with our conscious life stream throughout our Being and can be aware of everything through our alignment with the high-frequency vibrations of our intuition.

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