The Role of Starvation, Disease and Suffering

In this lifetime, we have come to complete our low-vibration Earth experience and ascend into a higher dimension of frequencies. Our destiny is full awareness of our eternal Being and the infinite love constantly flowing to us in the life force of our Creator Consciousness. In our essential Being, we have always lived in the higher vibrations. This is our natural environment.

Our journey into materiality and a low-vibrational experience is ending. The rising frequency patterns of the Earth and of our entire cosmic environment requires our alignment with higher vibrational living. Many of us have fallen into difficult circumstances through lack of alignment with higher vibrations. We’ve been intimidated into accepting low-vibrational experiences. We have accepted lives filled with stress, and always in the background is fear. This self-deprecating vibration attracts resonant experiences of hunger for food, better health, love and better circumstances. If we focus on experiencing low-vibration situations of lack, because that’s what we’re already experiencing, we continue to modulate the energy patterns around us into the circumstances that we are emotionally involved in.

We’re being challenged to change our perspective, regardless of our circumstances; otherwise we’ll continue to create worse situations for ourselves to experience. When we’re really starving, deathly sick or being hunted down, our ego becomes very disturbed, to the point of becoming unstable and desperate. It knows it’s heading toward termination. The only viable alternative is transformation. Give up. Breathe. Be aware of how we feel. We can breathe deeply and rhythmically until we feel neutral and receptive to our inner prompting.

Whatever state of being we occupy is subject to our intentional presence of awareness. We have absolute freedom to choose what vibratory patterns we want to experience in any moment, regardless of what we are confronting. We can use our imagination to create scenarios of beauty, gratitude and abundance, and we can feel ourselves living in them. We can create virtual reality with our imagination and emotions. If we don’t interfere with our visionary experiences by disbelieving their potential creation, their quality of vibrations will become the quality of our experiences. Our natural energy is filled with vitality and joy.

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