The Reason We Were Created

The One Creator could have decided to just be Him/Her/It Self. Just exist in eternal bliss. S(h)e/It intended to have more experiences at every imaginable level. It’s also more fun to be a consciousness watching an aspect of one’s own consciousness. That’s where we come in. We provide additional aspects of divine consciousness.

So how are we divine? We’re involved in a spiritual game of gathering experiences in different vibratory frequencies. Our subconscious self recognizes these frequencies and relays them to our awareness through our emotional feelings and reactions.

We can also use our emotions intentionally to project specific frequencies of energy. This is how we create our experiences. We imagine a scenario and its accompanying emotions. By calling up passionate emotional involvement in our imaginary realm, we endow it with our life force. It will appear as an experience in the same frequency range. This creates for us the same emotion that we projected.

The One Creator constantly provides universal consciousness, streaming life force to everything that exists at its designated or intentional vibratory signature. Everything is a play in consciousness, constantly gathering more individual experiences of all conscious beings, who are all endowed with diving being. All humans have self-awareness, which means that we can be the consciousness that watches consciousness and can direct the quality of life for each of us. That’s why we were created. We create experiences.

Once we’ve experienced as wide a spectrum of emotions as we can imagine, we know which ones we prefer. Sometimes we’re stuck in an emotional rut, and we need a jolt to bring us back to our intended emotional state. At this point we confront another issue. We have beliefs that may be based upon some negative perspectives. These need to be acknowledged with gratitude and love for helping to get us to our current realization, but they create low-vibration experiences that do not feel good.

By being an objective observer of our personality and just being present and in control of our emotional energy, we can be masters of our lives, experiencing unconditional love, joy, peace and abundance. This is our natural state of being. It is how we are divine and innately unlimited.

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