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The Reason and Purpose for Unrequited Love

There are many popular songs about heartache and loss in love relationships and much drama in society because of it. Many people think that we must protect ourselves from vulnerability in love, especially if we have suffered from the abuse of someone that we felt a deep connection with. What is really going on with this?

From the perspective of quantum energetics, we are all arising from the same universal consciousness, living in the same flow of life force of our Creator and enjoying absolute personal freedom of choice in all areas of expression. We have gone through painful experiences, which we created by allowing ourselves to focus on these experiences while suffering in them. We enhanced our creation of hurtful situations by fearing them before they happened. In order to experience hurtful thoughts and feelings and physical pain, we must align ourselves with the frequency spectrum of their vibrations. All of these experiences are prompting us to become aware of our creative power.

Once we recognize what we’re capable of, we can take back the control of our awareness. There is no requirement to continue to invigorate any low-frequency situation. If we align ourselves with only high-frequency thoughts and feelings, we will not attract low-frequency experiences. We are capable of becoming exempt from personal attacks and difficult dramas by knowing in our expanding awareness who and what we actually are, and the abilities we have as creators, beyond the material world, but influencing it with conscious control of our vibrations.

On a more intimate level, we can split our essence and be in more than one place at the same time. In spiritual terms, we can express ourselves as twin flames, beings of the same light, emitting identical photons, but having separate experiences and making separate personal expressions and decisions, and ultimately coming back together. The timing for this attraction is now, as we are training ourselves to be completely free of attachments and intending to realize our true Being.

We exist in a sea of plasma consisting of infinitely diverse energy patterns that we can focus on and give our life force to. Through the focus of our attention, we create the radiance of our energy signature, vibrating in the quantum field, attracting and repelling energy patterns that either resonate with us or do not. Those that resonate will arise out of the quantum field as experiences. We can choose to be fulfilled and invulnerable in our eternal Being.

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