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The Quality of Our Being

It can be our intention to imagine and perceive everything in unconditional love regardless of person, place or other conscious entity, even the most evil ones. Each of us is to take part fully in our own awakening process. We are the ones who must create this. We do not need to put anything else forward. The flow of events in our current realm is not to be judged, because everything that we experience in our own lives is a result of the vibrations of our own energy signature. It is all in perfect divine planning. All participants are experiencing their chosen roles and experiences.

If we feel like victims, or some other elicitation of fear, we can intend to recognize what it is and then resolve it. Each fragment of these feelings can limit our surrender to the totality of love. On conscious and unconscious levels, we have chosen every personal experience. Why not experience everything in love for all involved? We can live in enthusiastic joy, if we so choose in each moment.

We are energy beings, each with our own unique frequency of vibration of electromagnetic waves, and we attract persons and experiences that are in resonance with our own vibrations and repel those that are not. The magnitude of who we are is so much greater than we can imagine. We are unlimited creator beings when we are flowing in unconditional love, joy, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. These are all high-frequency feelings. We can intend to be the presence of divine consciousness in every moment, knowing that only wonderful experiences flow into our lives, regardless of everything that appears to be happening in the world.

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