The Purpose of Free Will

Whether or not we are destined to have certain experiences, and perhaps even be enslaved, we all do have absolute control over one aspect of our lives, and that is our awareness and attention. We all know that we are self-aware beings. What we do with our awareness is our free choice. Free will may be the ultimate gift or the worst curse.

When we think about what’s really important in life, we can ask those on their death beds, staring at their imminent demise, how they feel about their lives and how they feel about themselves. They don’t talk about their accomplishments and their legacy and all the things that most of us strive for. They talk about how they feel as they face life in another dimension. Those who feel bad about themselves are the ones who went to the dark side and never came back. Those who lived lives of sharing, compassion and love always beam with the light of their hearts. These are all matters of free will and are lessons that we all must learn, if we want to be clear when it’s time to change dimensions.

To realize the consequences of our choices in life, we don’t need to be on our death beds. We just need to be attentive to our feelings whenever we are presented with a significant choice of what we will involve ourselves with. We now know what it’s like to feel separate from the Source of our life force and the unconditional love that accompanies it.

Today humanity faces great challenges in many aspects of life. It is imperative that we learn the extent of our creative powers and the essence of our true being, so that we can make heart-felt choices and feel good about our lives. We do not need to compromise ourselves in order to survive and thrive.

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