The Promise of Our Intuition

We’re becoming aware that we’re so much more than our physical presence. We are our emotions, our mental processes, our awareness and our intuition. These are all part of our consciousness. We are intricately designed unique beings constantly arising from the plasma field of universal consciousness and life force streaming from the essence of our Creator. We are becoming aware of our essential being through our intuition. This is how we know everything innately. We do not need news channels or anyone telling us what is real. Everything exists in the plasma field of all potentialities. We naturally can attune our awareness to our essential being and penetrate the essence of every being everywhere.

We are the Creators of universes, and we have volunteered to be on the Earth, with our consciousness projected into these bodies now, because the Earth is ascending and needs humanity to help in the transformation. We can feel the elevating energies continuing to rise in frequency all around us. We can see evidence of this in the Shumann resonance graph. We are being urged by our innate being to expand our conscious awareness into the higher realms of vibrations. Embodiment on this planet has meant experiencing the depths of darkness and having the essence of our true being largely blocked from our awareness until now.

The ones who are expressing the low-vibration dark force that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years and deeply harmed the body of the Earth Spirit are gallantly struggling to suppress our expanding consciousness in every way possible. They are actually in essence the same being that we are, and they are our teachers, who require us to free ourselves from our self-accepted and self-imposed limitations, which have subjected us to our enslavement, poverty and disease. We are now much wiser and more powerful in our being than we could have been without the challenges and experiences of Earth life.

As we open our awareness to our innermost guidance and seek the help of our spirit guides and angels through our intuition and the energy of our heart, we raise the frequency of our energy signature and begin to live a more expanded life with more joy, beauty and abundance. We have the capacity to eliminate all of our limitations and expand our conscious awareness of the unconditional love and infinitely powerful creativity that is our essential Being.

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