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The Process of Awakening

Life on Earth is a metaphor that we’re acting out. All of our experiences are symbolic and are guiding us to awaken to our true Being. It’s becoming more obvious lately, especially in what the public is shown on the stage of politics, finance and monetary matters, investing, military threats, a pandemic, public uprisings and staged terror activities. All of it is fake, and we’re being shown how totally fake it can become. Many of us take this entire matrix as reality, so everything still needs to get more extreme. There is a higher reason for this. At some point everyone will realize what’s going on and will be motivated to find out who they really are, apart from the empirical matrix.

Thus begins the process of Self-realization and the journey into the energy of the heart. We can begin with conscious breathing. Slow, deep rhythmic breaths corral the ego and put the mind into observation mode. This makes it possible for us to be aware of our inner intuitive guidance, which can come in many forms. It can come as a subtle feeling that grows stronger as we give it our attention. Images may form in our imagination. We may receive it symbolically, verbally, graphically or otherwise. We just need to be observant and aware. The theme for these times is aligning with the energy of our heart. This is where our higher Self is always delighted to provide guidance.

While aware of our own higher guidance, our emotions align with the vibrations of our higher Self, and the resonant frequency of our energy signature rises. We feel deep love, joy and peace. The longer we can remain in this state of being, the higher our quality of life becomes. We intuitively realize our personal sovereignty and resolve all expressions of our former enslavement. We are aligned with our infinitely powerful creative ability in our divine Being, and our Self-awareness expands dramatically.

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