The Presence of the Master Within

Humans are naturally bound to ego consciousness. The ego is necessary to navigate our way in the world, but it is limited to the operations of our mind and emotions. As ego-conscious beings, we are vulnerable to every kind of mischief and limited understanding. We hold onto our connections with our family members and larger clan in our attempt to find solace and love and a meaningful life. None of this ultimately provides us with the deeper sense of being that we seek, as we all pass in and out of the body. It is only after we transition out of the body that most of us discover our true Being.

It is possible to know our eternal Being while confined to the physical body, and it requires a deeper penetration of our conscious awareness. It is helpful to align with the increasing resonance of the Earth and to open our awareness to the natural vibrations of our heart. As we invite the creative energy of the Source of our life stream to clear our pineal gland and awaken our awareness to our larger Being, we begin to feel the presence of universal consciousness enveloping us in the quantum field of infinite patterns of light and unconditional love.

This usually requires a prolonged focus of attention and strong intention to know the truth of our Being. It can be practiced in our every-day interactions in life. By continually looking within to know the guidance of our intuition flowing through our heart, we transform our lives in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator. We become the presence of the Master within.

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