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The Presence of One

Creator Consciousness operates in every moment, issuing life and form to everything in existence. We are part of this creative consciousness. We are constantly creating energy patterns of the vibratory frequency of our mental and emotional state of being. By recognizing these frequency patterns and aligning with them, our innate consciousness interprets them as empirical for us, and we bring them into our experience. As we recognize electromagnetic wave patterns, we can modulate their frequency and amplitude by what we think and feel about them.

If we have no inhibitions about our abilities, and we can be fully present in our awareness, we can enter a dimension of vibrations much greater than the empirical. It controls the empirical from a quantum level that is beyond time and space. Our presence of awareness is the most powerful aspect of our Being. It is our womb of creation. It is what we share in unity with all conscious beings. If we desire, we can open our awareness to the consciousness of the Creator of all. That consciousness is constantly enlivening and forming us according to our free-will state of being.

We are completely self-determined, and we have the potential to realize a wonderful state of Being at any time we choose. This must be intentional, because it requires motivation to maintain a positive polarity with high vibrations. When we are fully present in our awareness, we can feel joyful and good in every way. We gain the ability to change the quality of our circumstances and experiences. We can work intentionally with universal consciousness to create a wonderful energetic environment for ourselves and invite others to share it with us. This energy is contagious and can expand throughout humanity.

For eons we have believed that we are separate embodied individuals, but this is just one of our expressions in a limited spectrum of energy. We have believed that our ego consciousness is our complete being, but any time we desire, we can open our awareness to our eternal Being, the One consciousness that constantly creates everything. Through our intuition, we can feel and know this Presence of Awareness, which constantly comes to us throughout our entire Being. In every moment, we can align with this level of energy, beyond our current situation, in absolute confidence and knowing.

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