The Power of Radiant Love

We live in a vast sea of vibrations of electromagnetic wave patterns. The spectrum of recognition in our human embodiment is minute, compared to the vastness of the quantum field of all potentialities, yet we live in our conscious awareness within this frequency range that we hold in our perceptions, as if we are trapped within a proscribed sphere of consciousness. We are experiencing this realm by our own consent, since in our true Being, we are sovereign and free in every way.

In our true essence, we are unlimited and can realize the totality of cosmic consciousness. In order to do this, we must penetrate the boundaries and limitations that we have imposed upon ourselves in order to live in the human dimension. In this era of transition into expanded consciousness, all of our personal dramas and concerns about our relationships and life-situations are distractions from realizing who we truly are. We have been given the gift of potential personal transformation through lock-downs and deprivation to transcend our accustomed striving to survive and thrive as humans in a negatively-polarized environment.

By searching within our own Being, we can know that the consciousness that we participate in is unlimited. Our imagination can encompass the entire cosmos, and our emotions can express the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy. We may not even know how far we can go with our realizations. Each of us is a potential human prodigy and genius in our imagination and emotions. We each can have a unique expression of our creative abilities in positive, life-enhancing ways in alignment with the intuitive knowing that comes to us through the heart of our Being.

We are constantly receiving a stream of conscious life force that is unlimited, flowing out of the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. By opening ourselves to positive, life-enhancing visions and feelings, we can enter the consciousness of the Creator. We can realize our eternal presence of awareness flowing in unconditional love in unity with all conscious beings, including those intent on destruction. They are anomalous expressions of us, and they also receive divine life force. With focused intent, beyond our self-imposed personal beliefs and limitations, we can realize the unlimited consciousness that is our natural state of Being. With this realization, while maintaining a positive, high-frequency state of being, we can master any situation within the human spectrum of limited consciousness.

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