The Power of Intention

Humanity is being challenged by circumstances that appear difficult. It may be that our lives go through cycles just like the vibrations of our energy signatures. We live in a complex space of energy patterns that can resonate with any frequency. Our energy signature attracts other beings and events that vibrate in the same spectrum of frequencies with us, which amplify our vibrations. Our quality of life is an expression of our state of being.

If we desire to express our true deepest feelings, we must do it intentionally, because our accustomed awareness does not include our deep intuition. Our higher guidance appears in us only by invitation and devotion. Our invitation to know our deepest Self is expressed with gratitude and joy, which is the level of frequency of our higher Being. This is a higher dimensional spectrum of frequencies beyond the spectrum common to humanity. These are vibrations that we can all participate in, if we desire to do so. It is possible to approach every situation with compassionate understanding, which comes as our intuition. This perspective becomes possible because we are completely free, sovereign beings. We are expressions of universal consciousness. We are eternal personal centers of self-consciousness, expressing ourselves as humans within the spectrum of frequencies radiating from humanity’s energy signature.

Because we must be aware of our true Self in order to live in a higher dimension, most humans need to awaken to who we are in our true awareness. This is happening now. All who are now aware of the energy of our heart are raising the vibration of humanity’s energy signature. The effect is becoming powerful quickly. Along with our evolving, highly-conscious spirit of the Earth, Gaia, a few million of us are dwelling in higher frequencies every day. We are helping to modulate humanity’s vibrations to a higher level. This will resolve all of our challenges, as the energy spectrum that we are creating is in alignment with unconditional love, joy and peace.

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