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The Potentials of Our Desires

Our desires are the perfect vehicles for creating our experiences. Desires are a melding of thought and emotion. When it arises from our heart, desire is an attraction to greater love and vitality in our life. Desire electrifies and magnetizes energy patterns that radiate into the quantum field that we inhabit all around and within us, and it interacts with the infinite variety of energies that we encounter in universal consciousness, creating previously unknown forms and levels of experience that are unique to us. In this way we expand universal consciousness. We are the creators of our experiences.

Because we eternally arise out of the awareness of the universally-conscious Creator, we are the modulators of energetic vibrations and forms through our own ability to focus on visions and feelings that we experience. According to quantum physics, the energy patterns that we recognize come into our experience. All energy patterns participate in universal consciousness and are aware of every conscious being that is aware of them. It is our awareness that changes the energy into material experience. If we are unaware of energy patterns, they are not part of our experience.

Because we participate in the spectrum of energetic patterns that humanity interacts with, we are always aware of all of these energies in some aspect of our consciousness, even if our ego consciousness is not, because we have compartmentalized ourselves with limiting beliefs about ourselves. As incarnated humans, we have endowed ourselves with doubts, fears and beliefs that create interference with the vibrations of the desires or our heart and keep them from manifesting for us, unless we resolve these through conscious intent. We can do this in many ways, some of which are deep meditation, hypnotic regression therapy, and through frequent and prolonged intense desire for being in the presence of ascended Beings who radiate great light and love.

As we resolve our self-imposed limitations, we gradually become aware that we are unlimited in our true Being. Our consciousness in the material spectrum of human experience is only an extension of our expanded consciousness. Our human consciousness is part of our creative essence and enables us to experience energetic frequencies that we could not in any other form. We are inhabiting a spectrum based on fear, so that we know that we will never again choose to experience this. We will have greater compassion for those who do, and we’ll eternally realize the greatest love of the Creator, who has given us the free will to experience whatever we desire.

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