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The Necessity of Unconditional Acceptance

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Everything is as it should be; there are no mistakes; and there are no accidents, unless we recognize them as such. If we believe that there are threats to our well-being, we are creating them as such in our awareness, but we could also understand that they have no reality beyond our own creation. Because we participate in universal consciousness, we interact with our choice of vibratory qualities. Every experience that we have contributes to our awareness, which we direct. Events themselves have no charge and are not significant growth factors. Any emotional charge that we experience gives importance to what we choose to be aware of.

If we judge something as threatening or distasteful, we are aligning with those vibrations and giving them our life-force. By observing everything objectively, without a personal charge or judgment, we are free to create what we desire. The level of consciousness that we are living in is the one that we have chosen to experience. We are free to experience it however we want.

How we experience any given event determines our vibratory quality. If we are non-judgmental, we participate in experiencing the quality of our encounter from our natural, unlimited awareness. Every dimension and level of consciousness has an energetic quality that we feel. We are shifting from life-diminishment in the realm of duality to life-enhancement in creative love. This is a major shift in perspective and understanding of life. If we make the shift, our entire lives transform into a higher level of consciousness with greater awareness and personal fulfillment

From this realization, we can be aware of ourselves as our presence of awareness beyond spacetime limitations. We are the sole directors of our expressions. In the expression as our human person, we have created limitations to our awareness in order to have certain experiences. From within these experiences, we can pay attention to what we feel apart from the vibratory presence of an ego-reaction. We can pay attention to the persons and circumstances in our lives from the perspective of compassion and love, regardless of how our ego might judge them. We are not our ego-consciousness, but we are experiencing what our ego experiences.

By calming its fears and eliminating its judgments, we can bring our ego into alignment with our true essence. It has always feared eventual termination. Once we become aware of our infinite essence, and we consciously direct our human lives from our expanded awareness, the ego becomes a willing servant of our feelings and imaginings. By holding ourselves in a state of calmness with deep, natural breathing, we can intentionally pay attention to what we feel good about in making life better for all within our awareness.

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