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The Nature of the Empirical World

The simple double-Slit experiment that gave birth to quantum physics continues to teach us about the nature of reality. This experiment is when consciousness became recognized in the physics lab. In the experiment a photon is directed through a slit in a wall, it displays a wave pattern of energy on a photographic plate. The pattern is the same along the entire trajectory. When a single photon, which is an indivisible entity, is directed toward two slits in the wall, the photon instantly finds all pathways for itself and duplicates itself to pass through both slits and then reunites its two into a single photon. Measuring the wave patterns, it was found that there was interference in the patterns from the photons passing through the split, which proves that the photon had duplicated itself; however, after passing through the two slits the two photons immediately become a single photon. As soon as the photon is observed, it is instantly a particle. As soon as the observation ends, the photon is a wave instantaneously. When the photon is observed while directed toward the two slits, it is a particle and always travels through only one slit. How does it know that it’s being observed by a conscious being? How does it know the moment observation begins and ends? How does it instantly change its property between energy wave and particle? This implies that there is no empirical world apart from our observation. It exists in form only in our consciousness. Apart from our awareness, everything is energy wave patterns.

The only way for photons to know when they’re being observed is if they are conscious beings. In the quantum world, each of the parts is aware of the whole. A single photon is aware of the quantum state of the entire universe instantaneously always. It has this quality, because it is part of the universal consciousness, in which we are also participants.

By participating in the empirical world, we experience material proof of our creative ability, if we are perceptive and aware of the interactions of our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and emotions. Our experiences are all a result of our personal energy signature, which develops from our focus of attention. Once we realize this, we can create a world of light and love in our personal consciousness, which also flows into the consciousness of humanity and the entire cosmos. We’re beginning to realize who we really are.

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