The Nature of Our Reality

Quantum physicists have found that everything in the empirical world appears and disappears continually every micro-second, perhaps trillions of times per second. Our bodies and everything we experience is here and not here all the time. What is the source of all of it? How does it all come to be all the time? How do some things remain constant and others change minutely or greatly?

When physics experiments demonstrated that sub-atomic particles display consciousness on a cosmic scale, scientists finally were forced to recognize consciousness as the basis of everything. All electromagnetic wave patterns and the appearance of recognized particles are designed and created by consciousness. All wave patterns and material forms are conscious beings. This consciousness is universal in the sense that everything and everyone in existence participates in it. It is the self-consciousness of us all, connected to everything in the same Being, who experiences through us everything that we think and feel and experience. We are that Being. Every aspect and ability of the universal Creator Being is in our consciousness, and it is available for us to recognize and to make it real for us. We can have any experience that we can imagine and feel, and we can even go beyond our limited imagination, once we resolve all of our inner limitations and beliefs.

By our participation in the living spectrum of the energy signature of humanity, we have developed all the beliefs about ourselves that we needed to stay locked into this limited realm of energy that we recognize as material. It is our recognition and belief in the reality of this realm that makes it so. Now we can move beyond these limitations by wanting to live wonderful lives of unlimited beauty and joy.

All we need to make the leap in consciousness is a micro-second, once we are fully present and intuitively receptive to the energy of our pure heart. This is where we realize our universal consciousness in the quantum field of all potentialities available for us to create. This is where we regenerate our bodies and create our experiences. In being fully present in our conscious awareness in the now moment, we can feel our life force streaming into our Being in unconditional love and joy. Our conscious awareness expands to infinity. There are no limits to our creative ability in every moment.

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