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Awareness of Our Enveloping Energetics

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Suppose, as much as we can, that we approach every encounter with an open heart, expecting to see the light in the eyes of all living beings. It is the conscious life force that sustains everything and enlivens all conscious beings with unconditional love. In this way we are creating experiences of greater love in our own essence. We can feel this, and it elevates us. In this state of being, we can resolve and transform any negative encounters, until they no longer exist for us.

We are all the same essential Being, existing within the consciousness of the Creator and connected in unconditional love. We’ve gone on an excursion into limited consciousness, but we can return to our unlimited Selves whenever we choose to drop our self-imposed limitations. Our limiting beliefs are negative and based in fear, ultimately fear of suffering and termination. When we change polarity to positive, everything is based in love and eternal vitality.

There is a conscious life force that envelops us with positive, high-vibratory energy, and this force is strengthening. We know this from our measurements of the vibratory patterns of the Earth. We are being drawn into greater Self-awareness. In unconditional love, we can intentionally bring ourselves into resonance with Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. This is the natural energy of the heart of our Being and is what we naturally express in our radiance, when we are in a state of joy and feeling fulfilled in every way.

As we can become fully open to our intuition, we can learn to know the inner guidance that we always have. We can be confident in our eternal, expanding Presence of Awareness, growing in joy and transcendent vibrancy. As we raise our vibrations through our imagination and feelings, many new and different experiences become available to us, and we attract others of similar vibratory levels. We are all being attracted to positive, high-vibratory living, and are being moved by the enveloping energetics toward greater alignment with life-enhancing thoughts and feelings in every moment.

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