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The Nature of Our Being

The presence of our personal conscious self-awareness expresses itself as an electromagnetic wave pattern that is multi-dimensional and eternal in its being. This is our unique energy signature or light body. This is our personal essence. We are naturally attuned to our own energy spectrum, which expresses itself as our sense of being present. Our consciousness is limited by our beliefs and intentions. These are all part of our self-identity, which needs to be clear in realizing who we are and what our true environment is.

To know our true essence, we need to leave all of the energy of low vibrations out of our consciousness. We must withdraw all of our life force from that realm, because it is parasitic. It has little life force of its own and cannot exist unless we give it life through our attention, imagination and emotions. Our awareness of low-vibrational energy can be only in passing. The low-vibrational entities that we encounter have cut themselves off from most of the conscious life force flowing to us out of our Creator. They have separated themselves and stopped recognizing the Creator. Their only source of life force is to take it from others who are brighter, higher in frequency. In order to do so, they have to get their victim to lower the frequency of his attention and to focus within the lower frequency spectrum. Here everything is based on fear in all of its possible manifestations. The way out is to change focus and consciously free ourselves from any connection there. Cut the etheric cords. We give our attention only to scenarios of high frequencies, those that elevate us.

We can be aware of our being without end, just being consciously present. Zero-point awareness and objectivity. This can be our resting point when we need to change focus, especially while facing a challenge. Nothing can invade our being without our permission. It is energetically impossible. We can be confident in our eternal being of infinite abilities of every kind, limited only by our imagination, emotional spectrum and personal beliefs and perspectives. These are all things that can be resolved as our conscious awareness greatly expands in understanding and can create experiences in the spectrum of beauty, joy and love.

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