The Nature of Opinions

Whenever you have an opinion, other than objectivity, you are owning that opinion as your truth. This interferes with your true knowing. Our consciousness is designed to keep expanding, and when we have non-objective positions and opinions, they stop our expansion and empower our ego mind and keep us from the knowing we have in our deepest being.

This means that whenever we join a cause, we accept the challenge of being objective or becoming opinionated in favor of that cause. What happens when we join a good cause, and we become a supporter of the cause, we limit our ability to expand beyond that perspective, unless we are open to our inner guidance and willing to expand our perspective beyond the cause.

Our true knowing is a process of understanding that is dynamic as our inner guidance expands. Our knowing continues to deepen, and it expands our awareness. Our true knowing comes with feelings of gratitude, compassion and joy. It arises from our inner-most divine being—the truth of who we are.

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