The Natural Flow of Life

The tractor beam to a higher dimension of living is drawing us into feeling higher vibrations, living more loving lives. This is the direction of the flow of life force that enlivens us. We can observe this in the Shumann Resonance graph of the Earth, where we now see four higher octaves of vibrational patterns raising the vibratory frequency of the energy signature expressed by the consciousness of our planet. The natural flow of life force is encouraging us to elevate our life expressions. We are being drawn into alignment with the rising vibratory rate of the Earth.

We are being called to be in nature, walking barefoot on the Earth to ground our energy and receive the rising energy radiance of Gaia and the natural radiance of our Sun. Here we can be peaceful within, breathing the vibrant air deeply and being open to feeling the energy patterns of the Earth. We do have this ability, although our perspective, containing all of our beliefs, filters our understanding of our situation. Indigenous people have always aligned themselves with the energy of the Earth. This is natural for us, once we resolve our conditioned beliefs of limitation. We know this energy intuitively. We just need to be open to realizing it.

These rising frequencies of the energy signature of the Earth and humanity are influencing our lives in every way. Everything and everyone living in the low vibratory spectrum of fear and limitation is being challenged to awaken to a higher spectrum of energy. If they don’t align with the flow of higher vibrations, their energy signature becomes unstable, adversely affecting conscious functioning. Everyone and everything living in the high-frequency spectrum of love and compassion is being supported to go higher as well. This is following the natural flow of life at this time.

We are moving into realizing that we are all sovereign Beings, eternal in our essence and expressing ourselves in the recognition of our human bodies. We have control of the quality of our lives through our mental and emotional expressions. The vibratory patterns of energy that we are holding in our awareness in any moment attract vibratory patterns in resonance with them. This results in our experience of similar qualities of energy in our future.

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