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The Miracle of Compassion

Compassion is a high-frequency vibration. In our encounters with others, we always have a choice of how we want to feel and interact. Our best feelings are based in unconditional love, even when we are facing horrific evil. We cannot change the vibrations of others. We can only control our own vibrations, and we always have our own choice of how we want to feel. Our feelings control our vibrations and are broadcast into the quantum field enveloping us. They manifest our radiant aura, which is felt by everyone in our presence.

Compassion is different from sympathy, which is an alignment with the lower-frequency energy that we face, opening ourselves to feeding our life force to lower vibrations. Compassion arises from the love of our higher Being and is a transmission of high-frequency energy that lifts the vibrations that we encounter into alignment with the attractive energy of love. We can know compassion by our alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being. By feeling and knowing intuitively in every moment the promptings from our innermost Being, we can be true and expansive in every encounter.

Our innocence is our protection from low-frequency attack. By living in compassion and love, we are in a higher dimension from low-frequency energy attacks and are invisible to them, unless we choose to encounter them by lowering our vibrations in sympathy and fear.

In order to have true compassion and love, we must resolve all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and know that we are eternally conscious Beings of unlimited creative power. This is who we are beyond our limiting human experience, and we can come to know our true identity while embodied on this planet. We are of the same essence as the universally conscious Self-Realized Creator of all, whose consciousness we arise out of and participate in. We are fractals of the One. Based on what we know from quantum physics, this is the only logical reality, and it is the experience of all spiritual masters. This high-frequency level of experience is available to us by our choice. We only need to develop our inner sensitivity and awareness of our intuitive knowing, which has been dormant for eons of dense material living as humans. We can call it forth in our consciousness and open ourselves to miraculous lives.

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