The Meaning of Life

We dwell in a realm that we recognize as empirical, because we perceive it with our physical senses, but what do we really perceive? Quantum physicists have shown that we live in a sea of energy patterns that become physical when we recognize them. We are constantly creating everything that we recognize. Everything arises from our consciousness.

We have been trained to believe that our consciousness is separate from all others. Let’s consider the nature of consciousness. It is our awareness of our personal identity within the bounds of our beliefs about ourselves and our awareness of everything we perceive, imagine and emotionally feel. It is our knowing of who and what we are and the environment that we inhabit. All limitations to our awareness are self-imposed as beliefs and recognitions. Everything that we perceive is a reflection of our inner awareness. We do not perceive anything outside the parameters of our beliefs. These are the boundaries of our conscious awareness.

What we’re doing here in nature and in human society is having experiences in our awareness. How do we know what our awareness is capable of, if we can’t be aware of anything more? We have to resolve our beliefs and fears, so that we can rely on our intuition, which is where we know everything. We can align ourselves with the vibratory frequency of our innermost Being, from which our intuition arises. This is the high-vibratory spectrum of joy, inner peace, beauty, gratitude and love. Our intuition can draw us into alignment, because this is where we receive our conscious life force. As we come into vibratory alignment, we become aware of the unconditional love that envelops us and connects us with all other beings in the universal consciousness of the essence of the Creator, of whom we are each a fractal, essentially a duplicate Creator, able to be and do anything we desire. We can envision living in beauty, pursuing everything we most enjoy. Our interactions with other beings are expressions of heart-felt joy and kindness. We can be aware of being eternally present now, while also participating in life with others who do not necessarily have any desire to open their awareness and raise the quality of their lives. We can be present and fully aware in every moment and in alignment with our intuition.

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