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The Mastery of Life

The single greatest cause of our quality of life is our energy signature. It is the composite vibratory level of our predominant thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions. It has a wavelength and frequency pattern that is unique to each of us. As we use our free will to focus our attention through our emotions on scenarios real or imaginary, we influence our vibratory signature higher or lower. The lower we go, the worse we feel, and the higher vibrations we go into, the better we feel. Along with feeling better, higher vibrations generate other emotions in the same spectrum, such as joy, peacefulness, gratitude, love, compassion and beauty.

When we have already freed ourselves from the boundaries in our subconscious that have limited our awareness, we can live in a higher spectrum of energy. We gain wisdom and understanding on a higher level, and our awareness expands to higher vibratory experiences.

We move from self-enslavement to self-mastery. Instead of feeling compelled to do anything that we would not naturally choose to do, we can declare our sovereignty as divine beings, eternally free and independent, knowing that we are unique aspects or extensions of the One Consciousness. As a result, we can create whatever we need, when our desire comes from the purity of our intention for the good of all, because we are all of the same consciousness.

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