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The Magic of Gratitude

Being thankful for everything can be life-enhancing in so many ways. Gratitude is a high-vibration state of being, and it attracts people and situations of compatible energy patterns into our lives. These we want to be thankful for. It is possible to think about being thankful, but unless we also feel it in our heart, it is only a vibration without intensity or amplitude. As in every situation in life, to be truly creative, we must have an interplay with our imagination and emotions.

Our situations may be bleak and difficult, but we still have the freedom to focus our attention on whatever we desire. Powerful emotions elicited by strongly challenging situations such as starvation or abusive relationships are difficult to transform in our awareness, but it is possible with strong intent. If we can isolate ourselves with inspiring music, hike to a waterfall pool for a swim or swim in the ocean, or do anything that may elicit inspiration, we can more easily change our focus.

We can be thankful for everything, including situations of intimidation and threats to our well-being. We can recognize that in the past we have intentionally and unintentionally created the vibratory pattern of every situation that we experience, and all serve a purpose for us. We are learning about ourselves and our creative ability. We’re learning how to transform energy patterns into life-changing experiences.

We can be thankful for everything we are, all aspects of our personhood, our bodies, our environment, our friends and everything in nature. Gratitude is an easy feeling and intention to create. Because it is a high-vibrational state of being, it draws other high-vibration feelings and thoughts into our awareness. By living in this state of being, we can no longer feel compelled to focus on low-vibration situations and people.

Our personal energy signature vibrations attract into our experience people and situations that vibrate in resonance with us. By being in gratitude as much as possible and expressing our love and appreciation for everyone and everything, we create wonderful lives that we want to be thankful for. We can do this regardless of the chaos and violence that may be happening around us. We do not need to interact in alignment with low-vibration situations and people. Through a perspective of gratitude, we can transform all of our personal situations into experiences of peace, joy and abundance by following our inner guidance of what we feel best about.

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