The Limits of Our Intelligence

With the recognition of quantum physics that universal consciousness is the basis of everything that exists, and that everything participates in the one consciousness within the individual identity of all entities, we humans have our own unique identity and consciousness. No limits are imposed upon us. To the extent that we can open ourselves to the unlimited stream of conscious life force that enlivens us, we also open our emotional and mental intelligence and awareness beyond our accepted limitations.

Scientists have found that what we consider solid reality is really mostly space. Quantum physicists have found that it’s plasma, part of the unified quantum field. The atoms and molecules are also mostly plasma. The sub-atomic particles occupy very little of the space. Yet we perceive our world as solid. Its design is a creation of the human imagination, held in form by all of us who recognize it. It is our consciousness that creates the reality for us.

Other realities can exist simultaneously in our awareness. They become real for us when we recognize them. They exist in their own spectrum of energy, just as our normal human world does. As we personally raise our innate frequency, we experience higher dimensions that we resonate with.

As humans on this planet, we have created deep-seated beliefs to limit our awareness, so that we could experience a low-vibration world as real. Once we feel that we’ve had enough, we have reason to awaken to a more expansive reality. The path to that awareness is different for all of us. If we look at it from an energetic perspective, we can imagine how it can work for us to get to a life closer to unconditional love and joy.

We are approaching our awareness of our connection with the constant source of our life. We are enveloped within the unified quantum field. Our energy signature, the vibration of our state of being, attracts encounters with other beings within our personal spectrum of vibrations. Everyone here is present because we all vibrate within the spectrum of humanity’s frequencies.

We are multidimensional beings. We can project our conscious awareness wherever we want by changing the vibratory frequency of our energy signature. To make the leap in frequency that is necessary to resonate in a higher dimension, we can go back and forth between dimensions until we get ourselves settled in the higher frequencies. At that point, we’ll be walking on water and through walls. Energetically we just need to connect with the water molecules and not the space between them, when walking on water. When walking through walls, we need to walk through the space and avoid the atoms and molecules. This is a matter of intention and absolute belief and knowing our true Being, expressing itself as us.

Our true Being is an expression of the infinite Creator, who expresses itself as the unified plasma quantum field of all potentialities, out of which we arise. The quantum field has universal consciousness and infinite creativity, modified by our conscious presence. Once we drop our false beliefs about our limitations, we can recognize our true unlimited, eternal and unconditionally loving Self.

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