The Importance of Our Attention

How do our personal experiences come to be? They are not haphazard or accidental. Many may feel that the vibratory quality of our thoughts in our normal daily situations are not significant in our navigation of life. We are free to think about and feel however we want in every situation. What is important to know is that we are designed to be creators in every aspect of our being. What we primarily create is our life experiences. The ways that we think and feel about people and situations create patterns of energy in the quantum field that manifest as resonant energy patterns in our experiences.

Every situation that we experience is a result of energy patterns that we have registered in our attention. Because of the perspective of enslavement and poverty that humans have been taught to create for ourselves and endure throughout our lives, we have given our life force to parasitic beings who have dictated how we are permitted to live. We can free ourselves from this perspective by realizing our true Being and taking control of our emotions and our interpretation of our circumstances.

If we loo0k around at how the universe is constructed from the smallest sub-atomic waves/particles to stars and galaxies and everything in between, it is obvious that it all exists in harmony, except for the aberrations of humanity. Quantum physics has shown, through experiments that any intelligent person with access to the necessary technology can duplicate, that everything is an expression of consciousness, which is universal. It is shared by every entity that exists.

We may imagine that we are limited in our consciousness to our individual awareness, but that is because we have special talents and abilities that have enabled us to create personal limitations to our awareness to engage with all of humanity in the reality show of life in this limited dimension of energy.

We can transform our entire lives into experiences of wonder, joy and beauty just by changing our perspective and intentionally directing our thoughts and emotions into energy patterns of higher vibrations of the energy that we live within in the unconditional love that constantly flows from the universal Creator throughout the quantum field of all potentialities.

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