The Importance of Joy

When we are joyful, we elevate ourselves beyond the reach of negative energy. Life becomes a game in which we recognize low-vibration persons and situations from a perspective of love and compassion, transforming our encounters into alignment with us. If they can’t align with us, we can just change our focus of attention to more fulfilling situations and withdraw our life force from the fear-tinged vibrations. Low-frequency people and scenarios cannot invade our presence, unless we allow it consciously or subconsciously. We can choose mindfulness and objectivity and protection in the higher vibrations of light and love.

Because the cosmos consists entirely of patterns of electromagnetic waves in the unified quantum field, our experiences depend entirely on our vibratory level. This understanding of the nature of our reality was recognized by quantum physicists and geniuses like Nicola Tesla and Einstein. Einstein didn’t understand it to the depth that Tesla did. To Einstein the quantum field beyond time and space, in which the energetic expression of particles can be in more than one place concurrently, was spooky. Tesla understood the quality of energetic frequencies and helped to bring science into the realm of esoteric spirituality.

As participants in the energetic spectrum of humanity, we have developed numerous beliefs that have bound us to a world of low vibrations, living in constant expectation and fear of diminishing life. We are not required to stay in this perspective. We have free will to vibrate at any level we choose, regardless of what we recognize outside of our body. In fact, what we recognize as real outside of our body is actually a reflection of the energies within our own consciousness. Among us, the adventurers in conscious exploration have discovered some of these things apart from knowing quantum physics and spirituality.

We are real Beings beyond anything that we can imagine as humans, because we created our ego consciousness to keep us from knowing our true essential Being; otherwise, we couldn’t be fully human in this spectrum of energy. We are, however, transitioning into a higher dimension of frequencies, as we can recognize from the rising resonance of the Earth and our surrounding galactic environment. To align with these vibrations, we are being prompted to be in joy and compassion. As we withdraw our recognition of their reality, the lower-frequency, negative vibrations fade out of our experience, and no longer align with their energetic level. We are here now to awaken to a new reality and manifest it in our lives through joy.

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