The Importance of Conscious Decisions

Only if we consciously choose to awaken to our true multi-dimensional being can we do so. When we are asleep, how can we choose to awaken? In the dream, we believe that we’re in reality. When we’re asleep, we don’t usually receive a prompt to awaken, unless our subconscious self determines that there is a need, because our presence of mind is needed. In this case the subconscious dissolves the hypnotic trance of sleep and expands our consciousness to our chosen limits. All of our limitations are self-imposed, usually programmed by ancient trauma and intense fear.

To expand our limits, we must dissolve all of these subconscious blocks to our awareness. How is this done? We bring our deepest fears into our rising conscious awareness. We examine our emotions from an objective perspective. We learn what blocks they have put on our awareness, because the events that created them were too awful and intensely painful ever to want to face again, or even to know about. Now we can thank our innate being for protecting us, by not allowing us to drift into the lowest vibrations we’ve ever experienced. We can forgive ourselves for everything, because we live in a dream that is only an energy projection of the Matrix. This spectrum of energy frequencies is an octave above the night dreams. There are many more octaves above ours.

We can now choose to expand into the next-higher spectrum of frequencies. These are the vibrations that come through our heart and come with the feelings of joy, love, trust, compassion, and emotional openness. Once we become aware of this state of being, we are entering a higher spectrum of frequencies, where everything is different, freer and more beautiful. Here we navigate by our feelings and intuition. We are free to choose to inhabit it. This must be a conscious choice.

Here we also enter a telepathic connection with other high-frequency light workers around the planet. Together we hold the high frequency love energy in our consciousness to energize the hypnotically asleep to awaken to a wonderfully expansive new realm.

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