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The Home Stretch

We have incarnated in the most significant time on our planet, the final contest between the polarities of light and dark, the positive and negative. For eons humanity has been enslaved to the forces of life-diminishing energies in order for us to know the true experience of these energetic qualities. We have developed deep compassion and understanding as a result. The cosmic energies have shifted, and the Spirit of the Earth is rising in vibration, enhancing all of life here. We are awakening from the hypnotic trance that humanity has inhabited for eons and realizing the nature of the dark illusion that we have given our life force to.

The world is growing brighter, even as we face seemingly increasingly destructive forces. These forces no longer have much energetic magnitude, and we can increasingly easily transcend them through our focus of positive attention. By searching for the energy of the heart of our Being within, we can find our divine Source and intuitive knowing. This is our pathway to alignment with the unconditional love and joy of our true Being.

We can intentionally feel in alignment with the most fulfilling vibrations, and we can do this as much as we choose. Imagining and feeling joy and wonderful scenarios by pure intention expands our personal positive state of being and brings us into alignment with our intuitive knowing. Our intuition has no boundaries. It is completely life-enhancing in every way. To align with our intuition, we can intend to be pure of heart, compassionate and loving in every moment. This level of vibration is not touched by negative energies, because they are on opposite electrical and magnetic polarities, repelling each other’s alignment. As a result, our lives become naturally joyful and free, as long as we stay positive.

Being positive means living without limitations. It means refocusing from life-diminishing energies based in fear, to life-enhancing energies based in love. The mental and emotional vibrations that align with life-enhancement are the quality of our intuition and the energy of our heart. By recognizing and aligning with this level of resonance, we can transform our lives, regardless of what may be happening all around us. By following the energy of our heart, we can enter a higher dimension of Being.

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