The Hidden Truth of Our Being

Because the empirical world seems so solid and real to us, we have been largely unaware of its true nature and how our experiences transpire. Only after the discovery of quantum physics did scientists realize that everything is actually relative to our perceptions. Our perceptions create our experiences and our reality.

Our world and the entire cosmos that we inhabit consist of a vast plasma field of electromagnetic energy and patterns of energy emitted from universal consciousness, in which we participate. As a population of humans, we all agree to recognize the spectrum of energy known to us as the empirical world. Within this spectrum of vibrations, all of our thoughts, emotions and experiences are expressed. In our conscious awareness we recognize all of these vibrations, but we have been largely unaware of the vast sea of energy beyond the empirical. Our enclosed spectrum of energetic patterns has served us in allowing us to participate in experiences that would be impossible in our larger consciousness. In our true nature we could not know suffering and fear. We could not have the depth of experience that now gives us deep compassionate understanding and greater love for one another and our Creator essence.

We can now be thankful for the eons of low-vibration experience we’ve endured in shaping our character, as well as those who have played the part of the dark masters and their minions. We have been challenged to realize our true Being, and never more urgently than now. As the resonant frequency of our galactic environment and of our planet rise in response to the blasts of high-frequency gamma ray photons that we are receiving, our physical bodies and our energetic presence are also being stimulated to rise in frequency and become more loving and compassionate, as well as more intentionally creative.

We are at the turning of the eras, and a new world of beauty and joy awaits us, as we begin to participate in its creation in our own experience. We accomplish this in our consciousness, in our imagination and emotions. We become expressions of the energy we wish to experience. As we become predominantly compassionate and loving in our interactions, our world of experience changes to align with our rising vibrations.

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