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The Great Awakening

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening. Humanity has been dreaming in the empirical world for eons, and now we are awakening to our true essential Being, to an experience of much greater brightness, more vivid color, great love, joy, peace and abundance in every way for all of those of us who are aligned with this desire. Some of us have already learned to experience these vibrations in our daily lives, and we want to share the process of getting there with everyone.

Our experiences depend upon our personal vibratory level—our unique energy signature. We establish our energy signature with our habitual thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions. Every frequency stimulates an emotion in us. Everything we have ever perceived has an emotional feeling in us.

We have the free will to change our emotional state while we are experiencing very different emotions. In this sense we are multi-dimensional. This is how we can make a transition from a lower-vibrating energy signature to a higher-vibrating frequency. We imagine that we are in situations as wonderful as we possible for us. The only limitations are our beliefs and habits of thought and emotion. Growing and expanding our being happens when we leap beyond former limitations and intentionally enter an experience of great love, compassion and joy, because these are emotions of our soul, our essential Being. Once we know this presence of our true Self, we can transform ourselves by aligning our entire perspective with this energy spectrum of the highest and deepest feelings, which keep getting even higher and deeper. In this process we can go as far as we are willing. That is always our ultimate limitation.

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