The Game of Life

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Deep within we all long for higher consciousness, for unconditional love and joy in our lives. We long for beauty and peace. We long for loving companionship and passion of the heart. We long to live on a beautiful, benevolent and vibrant planet. We long for these things because they are our destiny. We know where we’re going. This world of high-frequency heart-felt energy already exists for us and is waiting for us to create it for ourselves by feeling and recognizing it. We can all live in this wonderful new world while participating fully in the awareness of the consciousness of humanity. We’re all learning to raise our vibrations by being in inner joy in every situation. The world of lower vibrations, where most of humanity lives, is a complex energy theater of drama based on fear, and it is only imaginary. We’re all indoctrinated into it from our birth by family and society.

We’re here for a deeper understanding of who we really are. Each of us has a complex frequency spectrum of consciousness that vibrates in a pattern or signature that is uniquely ours. We have the capacity to limit our awareness to our empirical experiences with no understanding of why life happens the way it does. We also have the capacity to drop all of the limitations of our awareness that we’ve created and allowed to be imposed on us. We can expand our consciousness forever. We are naturally unlimited. We can explore the universe, because it exists within the consciousness that we share as One.

In this space of awareness we are flowing through life on the warm current of divinity, always knowing the full story of our circumstances and always paying attention to everything that happens in our lives, constantly reading the energy patterns. When surprises occur, we can enjoy the temporary challenge, while it becomes clear what is actually happening in the big picture.

Life is essentially a game that we’re playing with ourselves. Everything appearing before us is a reflection of the energy patterns we’ve created for ourselves to learn lessons and to play and have fun. But if we latch onto a negative pattern and hold onto it tightly, we’ll probably arrange a grim and tortuous experience to get our attention, so that we can turn ourselves around, because we subconsciously want to be true. That’s how we feel best. We are now in the process of dropping all old programming—religious, economic, political, scientific, even art and music. All of these areas have expressions in a higher octave, where all is an expression of the heart. In order to get there, we have to know the truth about life. This means expanding our consciousness.

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