The Flow of Life

Universal consciousness pervades the entire cosmos and informs everything that exists from sub-atomic particles and waves to galaxies and universes and all entities everywhere. Consciousness is the basis of everything and everyone. This is the basic recognition in quantum physics. It is the expression of the Creator. Every being has unique abilities and attributes. All is designed to flow and interact effortlessly, manifesting beauty and elegance everywhere. Photons act as if they are a single entity. They know instantly always what every other photon is experiencing everywhere. Perhaps humanity has this ability within its collection of beings.

What happened to humanity? Why is life so difficult for us? Can we get realigned to live effortlessly? Because humanity chose to live within the limitations of a low-vibration spectrum of energy, we inevitably suffer in order to have a deeper experience of life’s possibilities. When understood from a high-vibration perspective, we have gathered much wisdom and compassion, deeper than would have been possible from an expanded perspective.

Our realignment happens when we intentionally seek high-vibration energy in ourselves and in our relationships. We feel gratitude for our current situation. We are consciously alive and have the innate ability to create whatever we want from the energy of our heart. We must open our awareness to the vibrations of joy. We are creating our own path to awakening by recognizing the reality of a higher dimension, where we are unlimited. Confidence is needed here to the point of absolute belief in our own higher Being, whom we all innately know, if we seek this expedience.

Choosing to awaken to our true Infinite Self, requires a state of objectivity toward life. Our guidance comes in the moment when needed, without holding onto anything from the past. We all have our own inner coach. We are designed to naturally desire life in a higher dimension. In alignment with our Source energy, coming through our heart, we can make the leap in consciousness that allows us to break out of our trance in humanity’s dimension. We intentionally align ourselves with the vibrations of nature, our alignment with Gaia. We can imagine and feel the vibrations of life force coming through us with the unconditional love and consciousness of our Creator. This is our true Being, our own higher Self.

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