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The Feeling of Self-Recognition

We can recognize our own presence, the radiance of our energy signature. In the same way, we feel the presence of others. Everyone radiates a subtle and unique feeling from her/his energy signature. When we are clear, we can discern these feelings. The lower vibrations feel depressive, and the higher vibrations feel inspired and vibrant.

Recognizing our own reality is a journey to the heart. It is directing our creative attention and emotions to high-frequency feelings of love, compassion, joy and kindness. The emotions in this spectrum of frequencies feel free and expansive in gratitude.

Life rewards a perspective of unconditional love with wonderful experiences, even miracles. In order to live in unconditional love, we must know that we are eternal beings of Self-realized consciousness. We cannot be threatened or intimidated, unless we invite it. Our vibrations are too high for any low-vibration recognition. We identify our energy signature with access to universal consciousness, which we as self-conscious beings naturally participate in, as do all creatures, provided we don’t put up psychological blocks to our awareness, primarily though our beliefs. We are sovereign beings able to change the resonance of an experience through our intention.

Recognizing and feeling the infinite love of our Creator in every encounter is how we were designed. Without any encumbrances, we naturally attract this energy spectrum, which provides us with wonderful experiences. In feeling who we really are as Self-realized beings, we are in complete resonance with the high-frequency spectrum of our divine Self. Our lives are beautiful, joyous and wonderful in every way, regardless of what may be happening in the lower vibrations around us.

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