The Evolution of Human Experience

As we begin to awaken from eons of living under oppression and fear, not knowing how to free ourselves, the light is dawning in our awareness. In this lifetime we have a destiny to open ourselves to higher aspects of Being and to elevate ourselves above the low vibrations that we have allowed to enrapture and enslave us. We can now recognize that we have never been victims or oppressors without our cooperation. We have aligned our energetic presence to the vibratory level of the low-vibrating energy patterns that we chose to focus upon. We have done this by feeling anger, resentment, hatred, judgmentalism, jealousy, starvation, suffering and all other forms of fear. Yet, we have always had the choice of how we want to feel in any situation, regardless of what we experience reflected back to us from our former creations of our perceived enemies.

By our focused intent to be only compassionate and loving toward ourselves and all conscious beings, we can be more powerful than directed energy weapons by rising above their spectrum of frequency and becoming invisible to them. This requires constant alertness and training, until we have no presence in the lower vibrations.

We’re all being challenged by the unmitigated proliferation of low-frequency, destructive, life-taking energy of those who refuse to acknowledge the life force of unconditional love constantly flowing into us from the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. They need our life force to survive, since they’ve closed themselves off from their own source of Being, and they feed on us through our low-vibration energy. They need us to be fearful, angry and depressed, and to align with their frequency by fighting against them or imagining our defeat. They need us to engage with them.

We can recognize that the entire human experience is played out within a compartmentalized portion of our innate consciousness. Through deep meditation, being open and inviting experiences in our consciousness beyond the body, we can realize our eternal presence of Being. It is our Self-Realization that frees us from the realm of fear and opens us to know and experience the fullness of life in every way.

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