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The Eternal Now

The quantum field, which is the source of our being, exists beyond time and space. It is everywhere in every moment. Every moment is now. From our earliest training in this lifetime, we have learned to think about our life differently from this reality, because human consciousness is intentionally limited within an artificial construct that we have all agreed to participate in prior to incarnation. We take on conscious amnesia upon incarnating, so that we can get the full experience of this spectrum of vibrations. We soak up all of the social conditioning, even though it often doesn’t feel good or make sense. We learn fear of all kinds. Without fear, we would naturally align with our higher resonance. At that level of awareness, we can begin to examine all of our assumptions and beliefs about ourselves.

In being aware of our feelings, we can imagine high-vibration situations that we would love to experience. We can feel that we are in those situations. By being mentally and emotionally in the high-frequency spectrum of inner or outer experience, we can make a jump in consciousness to a higher dimension of life. Even a glimpse of a society of loving, joyous, kind and compassionate beings is a strong attraction for more conscious, emotional contact.

Time exists only within the human ego’s construct of reality. We were designed to encompass universal consciousness with the ability to know everything everywhere that we give our attention to. We exist outside of time and space in our presence of being consciously alive. This is our true Self. Here our awareness opens up to a higher dimension of experience. Here we are sovereign in our own Being, eternally conscious and Self-aware. We are filled with unconditional love for everyone and everything in conscious connection to all beings through the quantum field of conscious vitality.

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