The Essence of Truth

We live in a world of pretense. There are so many lies, so much propaganda and so much suppression of the truth, that we face a great challenge of understanding what is real. We know from quantum physics that everything is energy and vibration. Everything that is, except consciousness, which expresses itself as energy and modulates the energy into patterns of vibrations in the quantum field. Because we are conscious beings, we can align with these energetic patterns, and in the spectrum of energies recognized by humans, the energies manifest as material substances. Each substance, when not observed, vibrates in its own spectrum or energy signature as electromagnetic wave patterns. We can feel these wave patterns and focus on them, causing them to spin instantly into materialization. When we no longer focus on them, they turn back into their signature energetic wave patterns.

The energies that we focus on in the current human experience can be complex. Much communication consists of falsehoods that are presented as truth, but their vibrations are low, in the spectrum of fear. We can feel the vibrations. We know when fear is present, and whenever it is, and whatever is being presented cannot be true. Only communications sent in love can be true. The communicator must want the best for all who receive the messages. We know when this is true, because we can feel it. The vibrations stimulate goodness and compassion in us.

If we do not get dramatically involved in material forms and expressions, we can pay attention to the vibrations that are present for us. They can tell us what is true and what is not. We feel them, and we know. It’s all part of our own consciousness. This goes for our living conditions as well. We know what is true for us, and what we have accepted instead.

We do not have to stay in any spectrum of vibrations. We have the freedom to focus our thoughts and feelings on any experience we are interested in. If we want to change our life from being enveloped in low-vibration energy to something better, we can change our perspective to being in a high-vibration environment. We can awaken to each day in gratitude for our presence of Being and for everything we experience, because it is all for our personal enhancement. We can bring all of our own discordant energies into alignment with the energies of our heart. There need be no negative feelings of any kind from the past, present or future. We can leave all fear-based experiences and intentions behind and no longer focus on them. By maintaining our focus on high-vibration experiences, we can transform our lives and move into a higher dimension of reality, where only truth resides.

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