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The Essence of Our Being

Quantum physics has proved that all parts of our bodies participate in the universal consciousness that expresses itself as the unified quantum field of all potentialities. Within this field, everything exists, down to sub-Planck wave patterns and particles and beyond our current comprehension. Everything is energy, and all energies are expressions of universal consciousness. Deeper than this, science has not been able to go yet. Physics has already gone into quantum realms beyond the empirical, indicating that our current awareness can expand into other dimensions. Without emotional involvement in scientific observation and mathematical measurement, scientists cannot know the polarity and quality of patterns of energy. Yet, our intuition can go far beyond scientific knowledge. It is the source of genius for all who can align with it.

All of us can know the feeling of negative or positive polarity instantly when we encounter it. In their essence these energies feel either life-diminishing based in fear, or life-enhancing and empowering in love. In every moment we make the choice of which of these polarities we want to align with. They are mutually repellent of each other. If we try to accommodate both, we become disoriented in our judgment. The wave patterns of our focus of attention are not in resonance with each other. They can never be in resonance in our presence, unless we give them our life force through our attention and energetic engagement; otherwise, they disappear from each other’s presence.

Our emotions express the quality of any energy pattern that we imagine or encounter. We know when we’re in the presence of the vibratory pattern of love, compassion, gratitude and joy. This is the positive polarity of life. The opposite happens when we align with negative polarity. It is the realm of everything that diminishes life everywhere in our awareness. It can manifest in our world only from our life force through our recognition and engagement with it, because it receives none from universal consciousness, since its essence is of negative polarity.

In every moment we choose our polarity and our vibratory frequency. This choice determines the quality of our experiences. Everything that the quantum field manifests for us moment-to-moment is a result of our mental design and emotional state. These are our energetic modulators and give us our potentially unlimited creative abilities.

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