The Era of Transforming Energy Patterns

Because we are embodied in a dimension of low vibrations of fear and belief in mortality, we encounter all the challenges of humanity. These we can face from a perspective of compassion and higher guidance from our intuitive knowing. We are always free to react to everything that comes into our awareness from an enlightened perspective, knowing that we have created the quality of low-vibration energy that we encounter in order to be able to transform it.

When we encounter adverse beings and their energetic patterns, we can recognize that they have their own path in life and will respond to us according to their own free will. We can accept this with compassion and kindness, knowing that they cannot adversely affect our true Being and are holding deeply painful energy patterns from previous experience and inheritance. They feel our energetic radiance and may be stimulated to recognize that they are limiting themselves with their ego consciousness of fear and anger. The rising vibratory resonance of the regenerating Earth will realign the low-vibrational energy or dissolve it, and those who identify with it will ultimately either awaken or disappear.

When we are emotionally clear and have resolved all limiting beliefs about ourselves, we have no boundaries to our awareness and Self-realization. Our energetic signature vibrates in resonance with the energy of our Creator. We are open to our multi-dimensionality. We are present in our awareness and conscious of the creative flow of our life force as we encounter everything in our experiences. We are aligned with the flow of unconditional love and joy that is the essence of our Being as participants in the universal consciousness that constantly creates everything in our experience, formed by the quality of our thoughts, feelings and intentions.

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