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The Enlightened Ego

Upon incarnating into the energy spectrum of humanity, we create an ego consciousness that enables us to participate fully in the human experience. Prior to birth, we decide what that experience will be. We give ourselves all of the conditions and abilities that will best enable us to fulfill our intentions. We create our own destiny, but we have the free will to change the quality of our lives at any time. We do not predetermine how we will react to any situation, or what we may create with our thoughts and emotions.

We designed our ego to live within the energetic boundaries of humanity and to do its best in keeping us alive in the body and prospering whenever possible. We wanted to have every possible experience of fear, however subtle or powerfully overt. The ego has brought us to the present, still in the body and aware. It has had to perform without higher guidance. We can be deeply compassionate for its performance. It has given us the experiences we wanted, so that we can have a much deeper appreciation for the qualities of low-frequency living. Now we can have much deeper compassion and understanding.

We can love our ego as our own creation, providing us with the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the infinity of consciousness. We can assure our ego that it may now relax and enjoy a larger and more loving state of awareness of Being. We can attune to the energy of our life source through the intuition of our heart. This is the realm of the vibrations of joy, peace, abundance and freedom. To be in this vibratory pattern, we must be present and aware of subtle promptings that we know.

Our feelings reveal the vibratory frequencies of everything in our experience. The mind cannot read emotional energy. Our emotions are aware of their own energy patterns and are able to create emotional energy patterns. By increasing our brightness in love and joy, we are able to believe in the new reality. Our ego now has an easy life and is enjoying being cared-for.

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