The Energy of Our Sun

The brightest being that we can currently imagine is our Sun. It’s so bright that we can’t even look at it. To manifest that kind of radiance from its energy signature is beyond our imagination. Our Sun is modulating energy waves from the quantum field in near perfect resonance with the flow of this field. It is the flow of eternal life force in universal consciousness. This is the quality of energy coming to us from our Sun. By aligning with it, we join the path toward brighter light and more joyous being. From this perspective, we participate in our natural being. We are eternal and free, able to create whatever we can imagine in a world of sovereign beings, not subject to any threats or intimidation. We become too bright, and the lower vibrations cannot penetrate our spectrum without self-destructing, due to destabilization of their frequencies from their contact with powerful high frequencies modulated by the energy of the heart in resonance with our Sun.

As we live confidently in high-frequency emotional energy of deep love, joy and compassion, we create experiences for ourselves in those frequencies. Life in this spectrum is wonderful in every way. Our guidance in keeping our imagination in high frequencies is being aware of our emotions, when they are resonating with high vibrations. We feel poised and independent and free. We understand the nature of our being and can read the vibrational quality of our energy signature. We can keep going higher, if we desire. Our resistance is all within. We must confront every aspect of ourselves with love and compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

This entire empirical experience is just a modulation of quantum energy waves within a certain spectrum of frequencies, held in this spectrum by the consciousness of humanity, which we all participate in and contribute our life force to, through our beliefs and other creative urges.

We can use our imagination and emotions to dwell in the unconditional love expressed in the quantum field, which our conscious being arises out of continuously. Everything works in resonance, creating a high-vibration symphony of energies. As we consciously align ourselves emotionally and imaginatively with them, we resonate with our natural high-vibration energies, which we feel through our love center, our heart energy. Here is where our consciousness expands as far as we’re willing to go. Feeling true unconditional love is the vibration of the world we are creating with high-frequency expressions, recognizing in our being the connection in the plasma field with everything in form and every entity not in form.

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